How long does it take for my latest request to transit from enqueued to processing?

Dear IPUMS terra team,

I always thank IPUMS data project for helping in my research.

My latest data request is on the status of ‘enqueued’ over three days. It did not transit to processing status yet. Can I ask why it is and when can I obtain the data? If there is problem with my data extract, please let me know about mistakes.


Depending on the size of the data extract requested, IPUMS Terra extract requests can take quite a bit of time – sometimes days. In order to reduce the wait time, we recommend breaking up extract requests into smaller and more manageable chunks.

In any event, we are alerting the IPUMS Terra Team about your long wait time. They will be in touch with specific information if needed.

To follow up and provide a bit more context. There were several other large extracts from other users being processed when your extract was submitted. We were able to spin up some additional processors, so all of your extracts should now have moved through the queue.

Thanks for alerting us, and we do appreciate your keeping extracts to a managable size.