Copying extract specifications/metadata


I was wondering if there is a workflow for replicating an extract across users, or exporting a file that documents an extract? I am working on some projects with a co-authors where it would be very helpful if I was able to pass them the specifications for an extract, from my data extracts, and then have them execute the same thing in their space. Is there a way for doing this programmatically? Right now we are trying to copy the full datasets and sometimes replicate other extracts by hand using codebooks, which is cumbersome.

I saw some previous postings asking about this, and did not see any functionality mentioned. It would really help me out with my work on the CPS, IPUMS USA, and NHGIS (among others).


The closest I can offer currently is to direct you to our API for accessing data via IPUMS NHGIS (sharing your API call with collaborators would allow you to share extract specifications as you describe); we are also working on an API that would allow users to access IPUMS USA data programmatically (but are still several months away from releasing this). Here are a few more details on the IPUMS API program; email if you are interested in joining the IPUMS API beta user group. We have also heard from data users that facilitating shared access for collaborators through the web interface would be a useful addition and it is on our radar, though we have no firm timeline for this functionality.

Thanks Kari for the heads up about the API. It sounds like it would be very useful for this and several other purposes. The web interface support would also be helpful to me as well. Glad you all are working on it!

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