Collaboration on extracts

I am collaborating with multiple people on a project. We’ve made several data extracts and expect to make more. The problem is that the last extract was made from my collaborator and I now want to make a revision to that extract.

Rather than re-creating the entire extract from scratch I am wondering if there is an option or recommended practice in the extracting process that can make the extract public or shareable to select collaborators?

This is an interesting idea for an improvement to the IPUMS online data extract system. While not currently supported, this is something that we will certainly be working on as we improve and update the IPUMS system. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the reply. I hope this might be available in the future. IPUMS might see Panel Study on Income Dynamics PSID that has an option to make extracts public.

Another question related to this topic of collaboration: I’d like to add a long series of variables that my collaborator has chosen. Is there a way to copy and paste the list of variable names? Or, must I point and click each individual variable one at a time?

The IPUMS extract system requries that you point and click each individual variable. There is currently not a “drag and drop” option for adding variables. This is another good idea for an improvement to IPUMS. Thanks again for the suggestion.