Documenting a data extract for replication

I am working with IPUMS data (specifically the ACS 5-year and 1-year datasets) and would like to make my project as easy to replicate as possible. Is there functionality built into IPUMS to do this efficiently? I would ideally like to publish a link or file that allows others to download the data without having to go through and select the datasets and variables themselves.

There are two options for this.

The first option is to request permission to redistribute the data file; you can submit a request by email to with information about the sample(s) and variables included in your extract as well as information on the project and how you would like to redistribute the file (e.g., a public-facing GitHub repository for a journal article). The second option is to leverage the IPUMS microdata extract API; this functionality is currently in beta, but allows you to share an extract definition that others can submit via an API call (see information on how to do this with R and with Python). Note that because the microdata extract API is currently in beta it does not support all extract features (e.g., select cases).