Sharing CPS Extracts


I have a publication based on the IPUMS CPS that enables me to include a replication kit with the paper. Am I allowed to include the IPUMS CPS extract I used in the replication kit?

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Per the IPUMS terms of use, we allow for sharing a subset of IPUMS CPS data to meet journal requirements for a particular publication. Redistribution of this type requires prior approval from IPUMS and compliance with data sharing and citation requirements.

To request permission to redistribute IPUMS CPS data, please send an email to with information about the sample(s) and variables included in your extract as well as information on the project and how you would like to redistribute the file (e.g., a public-facing GitHub repository for a journal article).

You can also leverage the IPUMS microdata extract API, which allows you to share an extract definition that others can submit via an API call (see information on how to do this with R and with Python). Note that the microdata extract API does not support all extract features (e.g., select cases).