Clarification on Redistribution

Hi! I have used IPUMS as a student in graduate classes and I’ve always had to register and do my own extracts. I am teaching introductory undergraduate statistics this summer and I want to create a small random data set (~100 records, 10 categories or less) from recent local census data for use in our lessons. I would be doing a lot of cleaning and transformation of data and turning it into an excel file so that it was accessible to freshman. They would be calculating means and running hypothesis tests comparing our sample to published summary information about our city.

Does this count as unauthorized redistribution? I am struggling to find an answer. Thanks so much!

The Terms of Use vary by IPUMS project. Generally, it is permissible to share a subset of IPUMS USA (excluding full count files), IPUMS CPS, IPUMS Health Surveys, IPUMS Time Use, and IPUMS HigherEd for a particular publication. For all other redistribution requests (including classroom use), please email for approval.

Oh wonderful! I thought as much but couldn’t find where to start the approval process.