1940 housing unit locations

I would like to use the 1940 census geography variables to identify the location of housing units and associate them with environmental or place based features. Has anyone geocoded the STREET variable or some other variable that identifies the location of a housing unit for the 1940 census sample? If not, any suggestions about how to go about doing this?


Addresses from the 1940 full-count census are only available by applying for a restricted use license. If you would like to apply for the data, please email ipums@umn.edu with a short description of your research project, including why you require the address data. However, the restricted use versions of the full count data have not been geocoded. If you are looking for a guide on how to geocode this data, the GIS department at Yale provides resources that might be useful. For data that has previously been geocoded, you may want to consider the following two options for the 1940 census: