Will MIGMET1 variable be coming back?


Following up to a question I asked last year: I know that the MIGMET1 variable (metro of residence 1 year ago) stopped being included in data sets after 2011, presumably due to the boundary changes. Last spring it sounded like the team was planning on adding it back in for the 2016 data sets, now that there are five years of new-boundary data. I don’t see it there yet. Are you still planning on adding it back in? I know I can build a crosswalk with MIGPUMA, but it would be a big time-saver!


We’re aiming to release MIGMET1 for 2012-2016 samples sometime this spring.

We’ve been prioritizing other work mainly because we know that the new MIGPUMA definitions used in 2012 and later are much coarser than in the past, covering larger areas, and corresponding less well with metro area definitions, so we won’t be able to identify metro areas as well as we could with past versions of MIGPUMA. That said, we agree that it’s still worthwhile to identify what we can!