Questions on MIGMET131


I have two questions regarding MIGMET131 variable.

  1. I am trying to use MIGMET131, but it says it has some errors because it is based on MIGPUMA. And there is MIGMET131ERR. Would there be a standard process to correct for the errors using the variable? Or is the variable just for trimming observations that has a high level of error?

  2. I was wondering whether I can get the same crosswalk results between PUMA and metro area resided 1 year ago with 2013 OMB delineation of MSA if I combine crosswalk information on PUMA-MIGPUMA and PUMA-MET2013 provided.


  1. There’s not a standard process to correct for spatial mismatch errors. MIGMET13ERR is primarily intended, as you say, for trimming observations that have a high level of mismatch error. MIGMET131 identifies metro areas with mismatch errors of up to 15%. MIGMET13ERR allows users to identify and remove cases where the mismatch error is less than 15% but perhaps still “too large.” MIGMET13ERR could also be used to conduct a sensitivity analysis to determine how using a different error tolerance would affect results.

  2. Yes, if I understand you correctly, it should be possible to reproduce the IPUMS crosswalks between 2013 MSAs and Migration PUMAs (links at the bottom of the MIGMET131 description) by combining info from the PUMA-MIGPUMA composition files and PUMA-MET2013 crosswalks.

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