MIGMET131 in 2022 ACS data

Hello, I noticed that MIGMET131 is not currently available for the 2022 ACS data, though it is available all other years from 2005-2021. Is there a reason for this, or will it become available at some point? Thank you.

We are currently working to make MIGMET131 available for the 2022 ACS sample, though I do not have a specific timeline to share at this point. Migration Public Use Microdata Area (MIGPUMA) definitions that are used to determine MIGMET131 were changed for the 2022 ACS, and we are still in the process of updating our geographic variables to reflect the new MIGPUMAs.

If you are on a tight timeline, you may try to determine MIGMET131 for respondents in the 2022 ACS yourself. Using the 2020 migration PUMA composition file with an extract that includes MIGPUMA1 and MIGPLAC1 from the 2022 ACS, you can approximate the county a respondent resided in the previous year. Since MIGPUMAs include one or multiple counties, it’s only possible to determine the precise county a respondent resided in when the reported MIGPUMA only contains a single county. You can then use the 2013 CBSA delineation file to match counties to their 2013 metropolitan area. Note that county and MIGPUMA1 codes are state dependent and need to be combined with MIGPLAC1 to uniquely identify a geographical area.

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Thank you for your reply. I understand that you cannot provide a specific timeline, but do you have a sense of whether this might be on the order of a few weeks, a few months, or several months? Any rough information would be appreciated. Thank you again.

At this point, I can say it will not be a few weeks. It will likely be either a few months or several months. If you follow up in late December or early January it is likely I will have a more specific timeline to share.

Very helpful, thank you!

Hello, following up on this. Do you have any update to your estimate of when MIGMET131 will become available for the 2022 ACS sample? Thank you.

Thanks for following up. I cannot provide a definitive timeline (we haven’t yet completed this work, but it is high on the priority list); we are hoping to make it available sometime this spring.

Thank you very much for your reply and for your work.

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