Inclusion of MIGCOUNTY1 variable in ACS 2022?


A research project of mine relies heavily on data found in the MIGCOUNTY1 variable. I notice that this variable is not included in the ACS 2022 data file at the moment. I assume that this variable may be updated on a similar timeline as MIGMET131 (see forum response here: MIGMET131 in 2022 ACS data) but want to confirm.

Thank you for all that you do at IPUMS. I genuinely appreciate it!

Yes, that’s correct. We’ll extend MIGCOUNTY1 and MIGMET131 with the same release. We’ve started work on both of these, but we’ve paused to address some other top priorities. It may yet be another 2-3 months, but we still aim to get this done this spring.

Thank you so much, Jonathan! I’ll be on the lookout for the ACS 2022 release that includes these variables.