Where to find boundary data for Enumeration Districts?

I’d like to map 1950 Census Population Schedules by their Enumeration Districts, but I need a shapefile (or another file type) of the Enumeration District boundaries. Where could I find such a mapping file?
(Here are examples of some population schedules I would like to map from the Bronx in New York, for example: Search | 1950 Census )

Does anyone know if Enumeration Districts have been georeferenced and made publicly available?

Hi Alex,

There are currently no publicly available 1950 vintage Enumeration District shapefiles that I know of; you would have to make the file yourself using available maps. You can use the NARA ED map search tool to find the digitized ED maps. You can find the maps of Bronx EDs on this page. None of these maps are georeferenced. However, using these maps, you could work backwards from 1980 IPUMS NHGIS census block shapefiles by merging and splitting them to match the 1950 ED boundaries.