Ukraine 2001 census ethnic data

Hey everyone, I’ve downloaded the shapefile for the Ukrainian districts (rayons) as of the 2001 census available in the IPUMS website for free, but I am not able to map the data regarding the ethnic groups and native languages because some districts are merged together in order to respect the confidentiality rule, and such matching the shapefile with the data from the official census website is not possible. I even tried manually match the codes with the labels but with scarce results, due to differences between the trastlitteration of the cyrillic name of the districts.

My question is: can anyone with the access to the data portal export for me a table, using the ukrainian 2001 census data, with the codes of the rayons as coded in the standard harmonized geography in the rows, and the ethnic groups in the colums? And additionally another one for the native languages. Thank you

You should be able to create these tables yourself by creating an extract with the harmonized geography variable GEO2_UA and the source/unharmonized ethnicity/language variables UA2001A_ETHNIC and UA2001A_MTONG. To view source variables, switch the radio option to the right of the search button from “Harmonized Variables” to “Source Variables.”

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