State Doesn't Show Up in Dataset

I have been using IPUMS International 1860 US data. I notice when I download two variables (such as literacy and gender), it is impossible to sort the data by state. This is different from when I download just literacy or just gender and I can sort the data by state (usually via FIPS code). Being able to sort via FIPS code is essential for my research, but I cannot find a way to add the FIPS code back to these multi-variable datasets. Is that because it’s not possible? Is there a way to have the state, literacy, and gender information in one download?
Thank you!

To sort the data by state you will need to include a state-identifier in your data extract. You could use source variables (e.g., US1860A_STATEFIP, US1860A_STATEICP) or a harmonized variable (GEO1_US). Please note that you will need to toggle between the source and harmonized variables (see below) and that the codes may differ slightly between the variables, but if you include them in your data extract request you should be able to sort results by state. When I look at your extract history, I can see some of your extracts do not include any of these variables and suspect this is the source of the issue you are describing.

Thank you! That’s definitely what did it. I probably was not looking in source variables.

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