How to weight variables from the Ipums-International?

I’m trying to weight some variables of the Brazilian Pop. Census. I’m using [aw=wtper] after a command. Like, tab urban [aw=wtper] and I don’t get anything. Am I doing antyhing wrong? Should I have given a prior command?

I am not sure what you mean by “don’t get anything.” Is STATA producing any sort of error message?

One possible problem is that the data file was not completely decompressed. Something may have interrupted the process leaving the data set incomplete.

This also may have to do with a problem we discovered recently in the Brazil 2010 weights. The problem is recent and will be fixed by tomorrow (12/10/13). Perhaps resubmitting your extract tomorrow to get the fixed weights will solve your problem.

If neither of these solutions address your issue, please respond with more detail to this message.