Race/ethnicity UP Michigan 1900-2000 where to find information?

Can I find the information on the internet? Or am I supposed to visit certain libraries? I’m from Finland so I would really appreciate online services/databases!

You should be able to find this information via IPUMS. IPUMS-USA makes US census data available, which includes questions about race/ethnicity (see RACE and ANCESTR1 for starters). Additionally, you can identify Michigan’s Upper Peninsula by looking up the PUMA codes that identify that region in each census year. Unfortunately, PUMA boundaries change quite a bit over the years, so you’ll want to keep track of these changes in the samples between 1990 and 2000. A final note is that IPUMS-USA provides access to microdata (i.e. individual and household level records) if you are looking for aggregated data you may want to check out IPUMS-NHGIS.

I hope this helps.

OK, thanks for your kind information. Using IPUMS looks kind of complex right now but I will try understand it better!