Race alone or race in combination with other race

Good morning,
For the variable RACED, the value 400 represents “Chinese”. Is this defined as Chinese alone, or Chinese in combination with any other race? If it is Chinese alone, is there a good way to estimate Chinese in combination with any other race?
Thank you!

The RACED code 400 identifies individuals who report being only “Chinese” with no other race affiliations. There are a number of other categories that identify two or more race affiliations. For example, RACED==420 is “Chinese and Taiwanese,” ==673 is “Chinese and Japanese,” ==674 is “Chinese and Filipino,” ==675 is “Chinese and Vietnamese,” ==676 is “Chinese and other Asian,” ==811 is “White and Chinese,” and ==832 is “Black and Chinese.” Several others exist as well. To estimate the number of individuals who report any Chinese affiliation, you’ll need to combine each of these codes.

Alternatively, you could use the RACASIAN variable.

Hi Jeff,
Thank you so much for your response. To clarify, are all detailed race groups mutually exclusive? For instance, are “Chinese”, “White, Chinese, Hawaiian”, “Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese); and Native Hawaiian or PI; and Other”, “White, Chinese, Japanese, Native Hawaiian”, and “Two specified Asian (Chinese and other Asian, Chinese and Japanese, Japanese and other Asian, Korean and other Asian); Native Hawaiian/PI; and Other Race” all mutually exclusive? Or do these categories overlap and count some of the same people as the other categories?
Thanks again!

Yes, all of the detailed RACE codes (via RACED) are mutually exclusive groups.