How can I classify the population data into White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian?


I want to classify my sample data(containing population data) into four categories: White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian. I acutually found the following variables: “Race” and “Hispan.” But the thing is that “Race” does NOT seem to contain hispanics. But I found the other variable “Hispan” which contains the hispanic origin.

As I was examining the description parts of RACE and HIPAN, I realized that Hispanic origin is assessed through separate questioning, and people of Hispanic origin may be of any race. In this case, can I possibly classify my sample data into White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian? I would love to have your advice.

Thx, Tim.



If you would like to report Hispanics as separate from other races, the common method would be to then report non-Hispanic Whites, non-Hispanic Blacks, and non-Hispanic Asians as your other three categories. You can use the HISPAN and RACE variables to identify these four mutually exclusive groups.

Hope this helps.