Query re: terms of use for IPUMS data

I’m seeking to determine the presence (or not) of an environmental justice area (EJA) under New York State law. One criterion for the EJA is that the poverty level at the block group level be 23.59% or higher. What is the appropriate matter in which to cite IPUMS data in this case, and may I share the data (on household poverty rates) publicly, or should it be considered “protected information,” accessible only to those who sign confidentiality agreements.) Thanks!

Since you are identifying block groups I am guessing that you are using IPUMS NHGIS data? If this is the case, please email nhgis@umn.edu with the details of your extract.

If you are using one of our other data products, please email ipums@umn.edu with details on which IPUMS product the data came from and what is included in the data you would be sharing.

Thank you!

Will do. Thank you.