IPUMS-TERRA codebook?

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for your helpful and informative response to my question about the discrepancy in administrative level availability between IPUMS International and IPUMS TERRA. I am following up with you about a possibility to collaborate on aggregating microdata for IPUMS-TERRA.

My supervisor, David Gill, and I are working on research with Conservation International which examines socioeconomic equity between communities living in marine protected areas. IPUMS has been an incredible data source for our research. We are very grateful to have access to the data IPUMS offers as we attempt to improve the social impacts of environmental conservation projects around the world.

To address our research needs, we are aggregating microdata with associated geographic level data (ideally, spatially harmonized, GEOLEV2) and examining the differences both spatially and temporarily. Using a statistical package, we are creating new, aggregate (household-level) variables from the variables provided in IPUMS-International.

Ultimately, what we’re doing is not dissimilar to what IPUMS-TERRA is attempting to do. As a result, I believe there is an opportunity for collaboration between David and I and the individuals working on IPUMS-Terra data. At a minimum, it would be worthwhile to be able to cross-check how we each derived our new variables with each other.
Therefore, I was wondering if you know of or would be able to provide us with an IPUMS-TERRA variable ‘codebook,’ which breaks down the source variables and derivation of each variable?

An example of such a document is available here:

Thank you again for your help, and I look forward to your response.

Matheus De Nardo