Primary source for ACS editing procedures

I’m very appreciative of the IPUMS variable descriptions’ “Editing procedure” tab which lists the editing procedures performed by the Census Bureau. I’m wondering if an IPUMS expert could point me to the primary source for this information. I haven’t been able to find it myself.

Information about the editing procedure for the ACS is derived from a variety of Census Bureau documentation including the Code Lists, Definitions, and Accuracy page, the Design and Methodology Report, and Census Blogs. If you have a question about a particular variable, please let me know and I will be able to provide a more targeted answer.

Hi Ivan - I’m specifically interested in YRMARR. Thanks!

While my previous statement about the sources represented some of the places that this information is derived from, I should have stated that we coordinate directly with the Census Bureau to get the relevant information for the Editing Procedures tab. If you email with more information about your interest in the underlying information, we can coordinate directly about the questions you have and if there is an efficient way for us to provide you with more documentation.