Does the IPUMS ACS 2011 incorporate health insurance coverage edits?


Hello. I am working with the IPUMS ACS 2011 dataset and I am trying to understand the health insurance coverage edits. I have three questions:

  1. Are the edits mentioned here under “Details of the Edits in IPUMS-USA” already incorporated into the IPUMS ACS 2011 dataset?

  2. I checked the coverage numbers against the raw ACS 2011 dataset and they are identical. Would this mean that the edits were done by the Census already?

  3. I noticed that for the IPUMS ACS 2011 the variables with a suffix of “2” (e.g., HCOVANY2, HINSCAID2, etc.) are not available. They are only available for the 3-yr ACS (2009-2011). Does this mean that the 3-yr IPUMS ACS includes the edits but the 1-yr dataset does not?

Thank you!




In the 2011 ACS the edits were carried out by the Census Bureau in the raw PUMS file and are incorporated into the IPUMS 2011 ACS sample.

Because the raw file contains edited values, there are no original and incompletely edited variables for us to offer. Thus, variables such as HCOVANY2 and HINSCAID2 are not available in the 2011 data. We still offer these variables in the 2009-2011 only because these variables are available in 2009. For cases from 2010 and 2011 in the 2009-2011 file, the original/unedited version of each variable takes on the same value as the edited version. That is, HCOVANY2=HCOVANY for all respondents from survey uear 2010 or 2011, for example.