Occupation codes missing in March 2021?

Does anyone know why the occupation codes are missing in the March 2021 basic monthly files?

These variables were not included in the original public release of the March 2021 CPS basic monthly data. The Census Bureau has since released updated versions of the files that include these variables. IPUMS CPS is working to incorporate the re-released files as quickly as possible.

Thanks! Do you know when the updated versions with the occupation variables is likely to be released?

These updates will be included when we release the April 2021 basic monthly data–likely in mid May.

Does this also apply to the COVID-19 supplement questions?

The COVID-19 supplement questions are often not included with the initial Census Bureau release of basic monthly data; this was the case in March 2021. The March 2021 COVID-19 supplement variables will be released with the IPUMS CPS release of the April 2021 basic monthly data (sometime in early-mid May).