Missing values in OCC2010

Hello guys. I downloaded CPS monthly samples from Jan 2019 to May 2020 and I noted that OCC2010 has missing values in all the records from JAN 2020 onwards.
Do you expect this to be fixed at some point?

Thank you.

Beginning in January 2020, CPS data use the 2018 Census occupation codes (which are based on the revised 2018 SOC system). We definitely plan to expand OCC2010 so it incorporates data that uses the updated coding scheme. While harmonized industry and occupation variables are popular among IPUMS users, addressing changes to the coding systems used to create them are time-intensive and we were unwilling to hold up the release of basic monthly data for this. Our IPUMS CPS team is working on this currently; check back later this year for these variables. In the meantime, the Census Bureau released the crosswalks between the occupation and industry coding schemes in December; you can find them on their Industry and Occupation page.