OCC1990 in CPS Basic Monthly

When will OCC1990 be added to CPS Basic Monthly data? As of mid April 2020, there is basic monthly data through March 2020 for many variables in the CPS basic monthly samples, but the OCC1990 is only available through December 2019. Thank you!

The 2020 CPS data use updated coding systems for industry (NAICS) and occupation (SOC); these changes have consequences for a number of harmonized occupation variables available through IPUMS CPS, including OCC1990. Harmonized occupation measures require exploring and addressing how the new NAICS and SOC codes used in the 2020 CPS data relate to the previous schemas used in recent years. You can find more information (including a crosswalks between the 2018 and previous systems) from the Census Bureau’s Industry and Occupation page. While harmonized industry and occupation variables are popular among IPUMS users, addressing changes to the coding systems used to create them are time-intensive and we were unwilling to hold up the release of the remainder of the data to include this. Our IPUMS CPS team is working on this currently; check back later this year for these variables.

Thank you Kari! I appreciate the clarification.