No EARNWEEK for the March 2021

Why is there no hourly earnings or weekly earnings for the 2021 March new release?

These variables were not included in the original public release of the March 2021 CPS basic monthly data. The Census Bureau is aware that they were omitted and we hope to see updated versions of the file soon. IPUMS CPS will work to incorporate these variables as soon as they are available.

Great thanks! I checked over the weekend and did not see them, but just checked again at the microdata section for the CPS basic at the Census Bureau website, and just letting you all know that they are up

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The March 2021 CPS PUF on the Census site has been updated to include PRERNWA (the basis for EARNWEEK) and the other variables originally missing.

See comments below if you didnt see new release

The IPUMS CPS Team is aware that the files have been re-released and will plan to include these variables when we release the April 2021 basic monthly data (likely in early-mid May).