NHIS Insurance variables

Hi - I want to characterize health insurance trends for children/young adults (uninsured/insured with the breakdown of insurance types) in 3 years of NHIS surveys: 2002, 2009, 2016. I am having a hard time figuring out which recoded variables will constitute all of the insurance types (ie, what variables when compiled will constitute 100%/near 100%?):

From reading the codebook and IPUMS website here is what I’ve compiled, but am I missing any? (does hihse belong in this list as its own category?)

  • hinotcove

  • hipubcove (includes hmcaide histatee hichipe hiothgove)

  • himilite

  • himcaree

Thank you for your time.

HINOTCOVE is a variable that (except for the 1988 sample) has a universe of all persons. It indicates of a given individual has or does not have health insurance coverage of any type. This variable, therefore, includes all types of health insurance coverage - both public and private. HIPUBCOVE is a variable that, for all people, indicates whether an individual had health insurance covered through state or local government programs, such as Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Note that this variable does exclude military coverage (HIMILITE), Medicare (HIMCAREE), and Indian Health Service coverage (HIHSE). Therefore, if you are looking to calculate statistics based on the various types of insurance, you should include these excluded variables as well. You may also want to include HIPRIVATE which indicates if an individual is covered by a private health insurance plan.