Linking November Voter Supplement to the ASEC

I understand that one can link the ASEC to the CPS Monthly surveys (and accompanying supplements) depending upon the months respondents are in the survey. However, is it possible to link information from the ASEC to the November supplement? If so, how?

If I’m not mistaken, the monthly rotation schedule means no one interviewed in November also is interviewed in March and therefore it is not possible to link the ASEC to the March basic survey then match to the November survey.

Note: this is different from this post because I am specifically interested in adding data from the ASEC to the voter supplement.

You are correct that because of the 4-8-4 rotation pattern of CPS (4 consecutive months of interviews, 8 months out of the survey, 4 more consecutive months of interviews) people interviewed in November will never complete the ASEC, which is fielded in March. The RoPES tool from IPUMS CPS helps users explore which months/supplements can be linked.