Merging ASEC (core) with Supplement in R

Hi everyone,

I am having difficulty merging the ASEC with the Civic Engagement Supplement. Are they designed to be merged?

I am attempting to bind individuals in the ASEC and Civic Engagement Supplement by their CPSIDP, but the resulting dataframe contains NA values for the supplement survey questions. My immediate thought is that perhaps the individuals in the ASEC do not also exist in the Civic Engagement Supplement.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Does anyone have any tips or insights on how to properly implement this merger in R?

Thank you in advance.

The ASEC supplement is conducted in March while the Civic Engagement supplement is fielded in September (2017-onwards) or November (2008-2013). In the CPS panel design, households enter the panel for four consecutive months, take an eight month break, and are then re-interviewed for an additional four months before leaving the panel. Due to this design, no one who is interviewed in March is interviewed in the period from July-November. The IPUMS CPS RoPES tool, accessed from the IPUMS CPS main page, can be helpful to visualize this pattern.

Here I’ve focused on the 2016 ASEC and selected the tool to display the distribution of respondents included in the 2016 ASEC across the panel. As you can see, respondents to the ASEC never overlap with the Civic Engagement Supplement. The Linking the CPS User Guide includes a video tutorial that further explains the rotational pattern and how to use the RoPES tool.