linking ASEC and Job Tenure Supplement at person level


Is it possible to link ASEC data with Job Tenure Supplement data at the individual level? I’ve read about the various ASEC issues with CPSIDP and know you’ve now got the MARBASECIDP variable available to enable linking with March Basic, but can’t figure out whether it’s possible to somehow bridge those to link ASEC with Job Tenure for individuals? If so, how would you recommend going about it?

And if not, would a combo of HRHHID/HRHHID2/LINENO/SEX be a reasonable alternative? Any major downsides to that?

Thanks so much!


In theory it should be possible to link individuals in the ASEC samples to households in the Job Tenure Supplement samples. You first need to link the ASEC with its corresponding March basic monthly sample using MARBASECIDP. You could then link this with the Job Tenure Supplement (which is typically enumerated in January) using CPSIDP. When performing this second linking, please take note of some quirks of the CPS sampling scheme as described on the CPSIDP description tab. Namely the 4-8-4 rotational sampling pattern and to verify linkages with AGE, SEX, and RACE.

I hope this is helpful.