Missing CPSIDP in ASEC?

Hello!! I am trying to link two consecutive ASEC files using CPSIDP. I found that many respondents have missing CPSIDP (= 0). These people also have missing CPSID and CPSIDV.

Are there any other identifiers that allow me to link the same people in two consecutive ASECs? It seems like MARBASECIDP existed before but not anymore?


Yun taek

Hi Yun Taek,

The CPS ASEC supplement contains respondents who completed the CPS March Basic Survey as well as oversample respondents drawn from samples from previous months. CPSIDP = 0 refers to these CPS ASEC oversample respondents (ASECOVERP). IPUMS CPS does not currently link respondents of the oversample to their Basic Monthly CPS interview. As a result, these repondents do not have CPSIDP (person level linking key), CPSID (household level linking key), or CPSIDV (validated person-level linking key) values. MARBASECIDP is a unique identifier for linking respondents in the March Basic to their response to the ASEC supplement. However, since ASEC oversample respondents did not complete the March Basic survey, there is no response to link to. Please see our technical write-up for more information on this issue as well as Pacas & Rodgers, 2023 for more information on linking ASEC oversample respondents.

IPUMS CPS users can request longitudinal ASEC samples directly from the Select Samples page (select Longitudinal, 1 year apart). These samples automatically exclude individuals who belong to the ASEC oversample. More information about these linked samples can be found in the longitudinal sample notes.