Issues with getting raw data in SPSS



I have extracted my data, unzipped the file, and have gotten the syntax open in SPSS. However, I keep getting error messages when typing in the location that file is saved in, which is on a file I created on my desktop. I have a mac and have exactly copied the location pathway and still cannot get the raw data to open. Any suggestions? I have watched the videos and followed the paper instructions.

Thank you!


I’ve just downloaded and opened your extract #1 in SPSS on my computer. So, it seems that whatever the issue is, it must be unique to your computer. Note that Mac computers often use different slashes than PCs (i.e., “/” vs. “”). This may be the source of the issue. If the problem persists, please feel free to email ipums@umn.edudirectly and include a screen-shot of the edited SPSS syntax file you are using. We can then try to troubleshoot the issue in with better detail.