Data doesn't show up on SPSS after I watched the video and followed the steps for the syntax. Nothing shows in SPS


I watched a couple of video tutorials for extracting the files and saving them to my computer and sending the location to the syntax to open in SPSS. I still can’t open the file in SPSS and I have tried the Dat and the other format. Nothing seems to be working. Can you please help me…


I just checked into your account and was able to load your most recent data extract (#5) into SPSS. A couple details may be helpful. First, make sure that you are properly decompressing the compressed .dat file. We typically recommend 7zipfor this task. Second, make sure that you are correctly specifying the location where your data file is located on your computer in the SPSS syntax file. Finally, after completing all of these steps, the data should show up in a new SPSS window. If you continue to have difficulty with this, feel free to email us directly at