Is there a way to pull data for more than one state at a time?


I am trying to pull migration data for specific occupations and I’d like to pull all states, but I’m limited to pulling one state at a time. I’m using the following queries for my data:

Row: occ (r: 1=1005-1030;110;300;360;1050-1060;1105-1107;1200- 1550 ;1600-1760;1820;1860-1930;1965)

Column: migrate1

Filter: statefip()


You will want to add the variable statefip as the Control variable. This will generate a table for each value of statefip, as well as a cumulative table for all values of statefip. Keep in mind that some states were not individually identified prior to 1977, so you may want to add a Selection Filter for year, e.g. year(1977-2014). Otherwise, you will see statefip values above 56, which correspond to the defunct state grouping codes.

I hope this helps.