Is there a list of occupations with corresponding SEI scores attached, from the 1950 designation?

I am looking for a list of occupations with corresponding SEI scores using Duncan’s Socioeconomic Index. I see that you have both “occ” and “sei” in the dataset, but I can’t find a crosswalk that lists each “occ” with a corresponding “sei” score attached to it.

Unfortunately, we do not have a crosswalk available on the IPUMS website. However, by creating a data extract with SEI and the occupation variables of interest, you could create your own crosswalk(s). Keep in mind that SEI is based on OCC1950 but we do have crosswalks available for various occupation variables here.

Hi! Were you able to conduct a crosswalk? I’m hoping to do something similar

I am not aware of an existing crosswalk between SEI and OCC1950. You can create one yourself by creating an extract with SEI and OCC1950. Using that extract, identify unique combinations of SEI and OCC1950 codes by keeping one case for every unique OCC1950 code, which will give you a crosswalk between SEI and OCC1950. If you are using Stata, the command “contract” will allow you to do this. In R, the “Distinct” function will accomplish the same thing. Crosswalks between various occupation codes are available here.