SEI Duncan Socioeconomic Index

Is there any way to gain access to the SEI variable that is not linked to a sample? In other words, the list of occupations and SEI scores?

It sounds like you are looking for a crosswalk between SEI and OCC1950, please correct me if I am wrong. I am not aware of an existing crosswalk, though you can create one yourself by creating an extract with SEI and OCC1950. Using that extract, identify unique combinations of SEI and OCC1950 codes by keeping one case for every unique OCC1950 code; this can be accomplished using the ‘contract’ command in Stata or the ‘distinct’ function in R. Please note that assignment of SEI scores by OCC1950 values may differ by census (discussed on this occupation variables page) or by sample within the same census year, so you will need to create separate lists by sample.