Crosswalk OCC1950 and original occupational codes in 1900 (different from OCC)


Hi all,

I need to create a crosswalk between the variable OCC1950 and the “original” occupational codes of the 1900 Census (“original” 1900 Census codes available f.e. here: and used in Preston, S. H., & Haines, M. R. (1991). Fatal years: child mortality in late nineteenth-century America).

However, the variable OCC in 1900 currently uses the 1880 Occupation codes (see so I do not see an immediate solution to the problem.

Is a crosswalk between the 1900 “original” occupational codes and the IPUMS OCC1950 variable available somewhere?



I am afraid that I am unaware of any such crosswalk existing within the current version of IPUMS-USA. I have searched through archived materials as well with no success. However, it appears that the Preston 1900 sample does contain the OCC and OCC1950 variables, so you could generate a crosswalk using this sample. Simply select one person per OCC code and observe the respondents’ OCC1950 codes.

I hope this helps.



That’s great, I had not seen that. Thanks a lot!