Is there a crosswalk for occ80 to occ10 data?

I am looking for a crosswalk for occ80 and occ10 data (I am using GSS data). I have found: but any chance there is an update for occ10 somewhere or perhaps one in the works? Many thanks!

To my knowledge, the census bureau has not created a direct crosswalk between the 1980 and 2010 Census Occupation Classification codes. However, IPUMS-USA’s variable OCC1990 was created as a consistent occupation coding scheme to be applied to data from 1950 to the present. More details about how this variable was created can be found on IPUMS-USA’s Integrated Occupation and Industry Codes page. Using the OCC1990 variable as a bridge you could create a crosswalk between 1980 and 2010. It is worth noting that these two occupation code lists are separated by a large amount of time and there will likely be some OCC1990 codes in one year that do not appear in the other and you will have to decide how these codes should be handled. For instance, the OCC1990 345 “Duplication machine operators / office machine operators” is in the OCC80 codes (also 345) but is not represented in the OCC10 codes, so if your goal is to code OCC80 to OCC10 you will need to find a similar occupation in 2010 to assign OCC80==345 to. IPUMS-USA provides a crosswalk between the OCC1990 and OCC variables from 1950 onward at the bottom of the Occupations and Industries page that could be helpful.

I hope this helps.