'ind2010_1990' crosswalks


I am looking for a crosswalk between Census Bureau industries 2000-2010. It is not available on your website (IPUMS USA | Occupation and Industry Codes and Documentation). I would appreciate any suggestions you have.

Ack, is this between IND1990 and “IND2010” as you hint in the title, or between different iterations of the IND variable, as you kinda hint in the body of the message?

IND2010 doesn’t exist, but if you’re looking to crosswalk IND1950 and IND1990, for example, you can simply include both in an extract and count the overlap.

If you’re looking to crosswalk IND1990 and the latest IND from Census, then you just do the same thing, but only download the years for which your chosen IND classification is active.

My understanding of your question is that you are looking for a crosswalk between Census Bureau industry codes from 2000 and 2010.

The Census Bureau provides industry crosswalks between different industry classification systems, including this crosswalk between the census industry classifications from 1990, 2000, 2002, 2007, and 2012.

IPUMS provides the variable IND1990, which classifies industries from all years since 1950 into the 1990 Census Bureau industry classification scheme.

If you are hoping to find a crosswalk between original industry codes and a harmonized IPUMS industry variable, you may find this IPUMS blog post on the topic helpful.