how to do crosswalk between IND and NAICS in IPUMS CPS?


I tried to use IND and NAICS crosswalk method mentioned in other posts of IPUMS-USA to do the crosswalk between these two on IPUMS-CPS. However IND codes in CPS don’t over lap with IND codes in USA database at all, which means table from this page doesn’t work at all:…

IND defiontion in CPS is provided in this page…

However, it doesn’t include a table to translate the data to NAICS. Is there a convinient way to do crosswalk between these two in CPS database? Thanks!


The 2003-2014 CPS IND codes should match the corresponding ACS crosswalk. The 1992-2002 CPS IND codes use the 1990 Census industry classifications. You can find the appropriate crosswalk here.

Hope this helps.