Basic CPS Industry Codes and NAICS


I’m using the Basic CPS at the monthly level and would like to create some series at the industry sector level. What’s the best way, if any, to generate series at the 2-digit NAICS level? Should I be using IND, IND1990, or IND1950 to do this? In other words, which of these industrial classifications best approximates the NAICS classification at the 2-digit level?




The IPUMS USA Project has a INDNAICS variable which should be of use for your purpose. The industry codes are mostly comparable between the IPUMS CPS and IPUMS USA projects. So you should be able to make your own crosswalk table by creating a data extract in IPUMS USA and including INDNAICS with the IND from the classification scheme used in your CPS sample. Alternatively if the classification scheme used in your CPS data is the 2000 census scheme, we have an existing table that shows the relationships between NAICS codes and US census codes.

I hope this is helpful.