Crosswalk: IND1990 to NAICS2012 to ISIC4 to NACE2

Hello! I’m trying to create a crosswalk from IND1990 to NACE2. I have pulled the crosswalks for Census to NAICS from 1990 to 2012. From a previous project, I have the crosswalks between NAICS 2012 to NACE2. This is probably obvious to everyone but the sticking point is the how the Census NAICS 2012 code is formatted with 3 or 4 digits so it can’t be joined ISIC4 to get to NACE2. I’m very new to this data so I would really appreciate any help on this issue.

This question is a bit beyond the scope of IPUMS User Support, as we do not have expertise in the NAICS, ISIC, or NACE industrial classification systems. I am not sure how you might convert NAICS codes to NACE codes. I would recommend looking to the literature in various fields to determine if others have created or used the crosswalks you need. Based on a quick Google search, I found this resource on Github and this blog post that may be useful. This page suggests that Eurostats may provide an NAICS to NACE crosswalk.

I will note that IPUMS USA offers INDNAICS for most IPUMS USA samples from 2000-onward. Depending on the exact years of data you are working with, this may or may not be useful for you.