Do-file for crosswalks used to create the IPUMS harmonized occupation


Is there a Stata do-file that could convert occupation classifications from all the Census surveys from 1950 on into the occ2010? I’m working with the PSID, which, to the best of my knowledge, hasn’t harmonized their occupation variable across surveys. It would be great to have a do-file that could quickly implement this crosswalk.

Thank you

We do not have a Stata do-file available to convert occupation classifications from 1950 to OCC2010, however, you may find this page useful as it makes available several excel versions of occupation crosswalks. In particular, you may be interested in this file, which contains a crosswalk between 1950 occupation codes and OCC2010.

David Dorn’s website has a crosswalk for harmonizing census occupation codes from 1950-2000.