Is there a crosswalk between OCCISCO and OCC95US (or OCC for the US)?

I have some occupational data linked to the US Census. I would like to use these data internationally by using IPUMS International. For this reason I would need to link the US Census occupational classification to the OCCISCO.

I am not aware of a published crosswalk between OCC95US and OCCISCO, but it would be simple enough to create using a sample from IPUMS-International. First, create an extract of a U.S. dataset, selecting both the OCCISCO and OCC95US variables. Then, once you have downloaded, unzipped, and read your data into your statistical software package, keep only one case for each unique OCC95US code and drop all variables besides OCC95US and OCCISCO. The resulting dataset can function as a crosswalk between OCC95US and OCCISCO.

I hope this helps.