Is it possible to get a more detailed breakdown of religion and ethnicity in the Irish 2011 Census?


I am looking to use data from the 2011 Census to investigate the socio-demogrpahic profile of Muslims and ethnic minorities in Ireland. Unfortunately, the religion variable published here only distinguishes Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland and “other”; and the ethnicity variable only distinguishes “Irish or Irish Traveller” and “other”.

The questionnaire records these variables in more detail. Is it possible to access data on these smaller categories?



IPUMS International is only able to provide as much detail in the data as is provided by national statistical agencies. In some cases, response categories are suppressed or combined to maintain confidentiality of respondents. This seems to be the case with the religion variable (IE2011A_RELIG) and the ethnicity variable (IE2011A_ETHNIC) in the 2011 Ireland sample.

Thanks Jeff. So to confirm you’re saying that the data is suppressed by the Irish Central Statistics Office, and not by IPUMS?


Yes, the source varialbes reflect how the data are categorized by the Irish Central Statistics Office.

Ok great thanks for your help.