IPUMS team and grant applications

Hi IPUMS CPS team –

Your rich IPUMS data could be used as the basis for large NIH grants (e.g., to look at the relationship of employment with health care outcomes) – how does use of IPUMS CPS data work in terms of grant applications? Is the IPUMS involved as a “co-investigator”? Is there a larger IPUMS funding mechanism (NIH or other foundation, etc) that has budgeted smaller grants/awards to outside investigators? In other words, how do investigators get support for their analyses of IPUMS data?

I ask these questions as I searched for “IPUMS” on NIH reporter and did not find any grants to support IPUMS-related analyses.


We are always delighted to hear that our data are being used for grant proposals. We do not have a funding mechanism as you outlined nor are we involved as co-investigators on grants that leverage our data; our priority is increasing data accessibility so more of your time and funding can be spent on your specific research agenda instead of infrastructure issues that are common across the broader data user community. We do ask that you share news about NIH funding that relies on IPUMS data with us so we can demonstrate the utility of these data in supporting research.