Covid-19 Data and NIH grants

Hello! I was introduced to your awesome site by a labor economist at my institution.

I am an ICU physician interested in outcomes after critical illness. We are interested in employment outcomes in previously employed individuals who were hospitalized (ICU or non-ICU) due to Covid-19. I have a couple questions:

  1. Are data available (or will be collected) specifically asking respondents about Covid-19-related hospitalization, including need for intensive care, mechanical ventilation, or ECMO (which are huge health shocks compared to mild Covid-19 not requiring hospitalization)??

  2. Are such health event (hospitalizations, critical illness) data available at all i.e., for non-Covid reasons like a heart attack, trauma, etc.?

Thank you!

Thanks for your enthusiasm for IPUMS data! The CPS data do not include coverage of health conditions or healthcare utilization. If you are interested in retrospective information about conditions and healthcare utilization, I would encourage you to look at the IPUMS NHIS or IPUMS MEPS data. Both will include more detailed health-related information (e.g., you can see if the person had an overnight hospitalizations in NHIS in HOSPNIGHT), though if you want to look at the intersection of health conditions and healthcare utilization, you would want to use the condition- and event-level data from IPUMS MEPS. NHIS asks a series of questions specifically about COVID-19. The 2020 MEPS data are not yet available through IPUMS, but starting in 2020 these data will include COVID-19 diagnoses on the condition record. Both NHIS and MEPS include information about employment, and the MEPS is actually a short panel interviewing households 5 times over the course of two years.