BLS Release of Covid-19 Items

Hi IPUMS Team,

Do you know when the 2020 Covid-19 related items will be made available on IPUMS/ has BLS released this information? Will there be a specific designation for those unemployed due to Covid-19 and those who worked from home because of Covid-19?


The COVID-19 specific questions are still not available in the public use microdata, and we don’t know when they will be available. BLS has published tables based on these questions, which can be found here:

You can see the list of new COVID-specific questions here:

Thanks Matthew. Any new updates on the microdata since your last reply? Also, how can I become aware/notified once it is available in IPUMS?

These data are not yet publicly available. We will update this pinned forum post in the CPS topic about basic monthly data releases during COVID-19 when the COVID-specific variables are available. You can also check the IPUMS CPS revision history and IPUMS Twitter account linked in that post for updates.