Does IPUMS have estimates of number of users of IPUMS CPS data?

Does IPUMS have estimates of number of users of IPUMS CPS data (I am actually only interested in ASEC users, in case you measure that separately)? Of the number of users of the IPUMSR R package? Can I get such data or estimates?

You ask those who publish studies using the IPUMS CPS data to report those publications to you. Do you maintain a list of such publications? How far back? Can I get a copy?

We would gladly share summary statistics about the use of IPUMS CPS data with you such as number of users downloading ASEC samples or publications using IPUMS CPS. I have a request out to colleagues about estimating usage of the ipumsr package.

Please email with this request; it would be helpful if you could clarify the time period of interest for the ASEC samples (e.g., “all time” or the past year) and if you are interested in online analysis of the ASEC samples using the SDA tool. Additionally, let me know if you interested in any publications using IPUMS CPS or only specific types of publications (e.g., journal articles); you can explore the IPUMS Bibliography to see what types of publications are included.