INDGEN variable for Argentina 2010?


I was wondering if the INDGEN variable for Argentina in 2010 is going to be added? I am doing some research and I need that variable to complete it. I have emailed the Argentine statistical agency inquiring about this variable and have had no reply. Can anybody tell me if that variable is available anywhere or if it will be added to IPUMS anytime soon? Any information would be ever so helpful.

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Unfortunately, industry was not asked in the 2010 Argentina Census, so it is not possible to provide INDGEN for that year. The full questionnaire text for each sample can be accessed onthis page.

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INDGEN is not in the short form sample of the 2010 census of Argentina currently integrated into IPUMS. The long form sample has the INDGEN variable (question P29), but a copy has not yet been entrusted to IPUMS.